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About Shock


Shock was founded in 1980 by Elvira Gajda, who had just arrived to Gothenburg from Poland. She quickly noticed that there was a Great Alternative culture in the city, but no shop who met the needs of the subcultures of styles. The new shop got a standing ovation, both in Gothenburg and around about in Sweden. The success story was a fact. Since 1980 we have opened shops in all the great cities in Sweden, Malmö and Stockholm, and off course on the Web.

Environmental and Animal Rights

Shock has a anti-fur policy and we don’t, under any circumstances sell real fur products. We are certified members of the “Animal Rights” and their union “Fur Free trade”. Our cosmetic products and hair colors are not tested on animals.

We sort our waste and pays extra so our garbage is handled in an environmentally sound manner. The store bags we use are environmentally classified and Our mail order bags are completely environmentally friendly and decompose in nature within 18 months.

We are against all forms of exploitation of labor and if we suspect that any of our suppliers don’t live up to our demands and policy’s, we will end the cooperation with immediate effect. Our electricity is environmentally certified, all lights that you see in our stores comes from renewable power sources!

If you have any questions about our policys, or any sugestions on how we can be even better? Please send us an email to: if you have

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