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Fuck off rainbow patch


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F*uck Off Rainbow Patch is the only patch you need! Innocent and sweet yet daring! The perfect piece to attach to your clothes, jacket or bag!

Information F*uck Off Rainbow Patch

Model: Patch
Brand: Extreme Largeness
Material: 100% Cotton
Width: App. 8 cm

Attaching your patch:

These instructions are applicable for the following materials: cotton, denim and natural (non-elastic) fabrics. For other materials we recommend to sew on the patch by hand or with a sewing machine.

  1. Use an iron and make sure the temperature setting is on high.
  2. Place the patch where you want it to be fastened and cover with a kitchen towel.
  3. Press hard with the iron on top of the protected patch. If your iron has a steam function it’s good to use that to get an even warmer pressure.
  4. Hold the iron on the covered patch for at least 2 minutes. Iron around the edges of the patch to make sure it is properly attached.
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