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Bleach Kit Vol 30


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Bleach Kit Vol 30 is a perfect bleach kit from Manic Panic. The product is enough to bleach a not too thick hair at shoulder length.

9% peroxide

Bleach your hair before dying

Sometimes you have to bleach your hair more than once to get the result you want. If you want your hair to be the exact color as the product, your hair needs to be as white as possible.


Are you unsure how to get the best results with your coloring? Read our Hair Coloring Guide, especially if you are using these colors for the first time. In our Hair Coloring Guide we go through the process step by step and answer several common questions.

Bleach Kit Vol 30 includes:

Creme Developer Mixing Tub Vol 30, 20g
Plastic gloves
Step-by-step manual
Plastic jar for mixing

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