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Hair Coloring Guide

Hair Coloring Guide for using semi-permanent colors from Manic Panic, Directions & Stargazer

The Results

Carefully read our Manual before you dye your hair, especially if it is your first time using any of the hair colors that we sell. We also want to emphasize that we can not guarantee the result of the color, even if you follow all the steps in the Manual. All hair types are different, which also makes the color result different, depending on your specific hair type.

Color samples that shows on the product pages are colored on white synthetic hair, showing off the hair colors optimal results, the color can look different on your own hair.

Hair coloring guide image 1

Allergy test

All hair colors we sell is very gentle and mild to both skin and hair. But for your own safety, it is always recommended to start by doing an allergy test. To do the test, select a small area behind the ear or in the crook of your arm. Start the test by thoroughly clean the area, and then let it dry. Then apply a thin layer out hair color in the selected and cleaned area. Let the hair color dry on the skin and let it sit there for a couple of hours. If you notice any kind of irritation to the skin, we recommend that you immediately wash off the paint and not use the product.

Highlights test

If you are unsure whether you will be satisfied with the results or not, you can start by just coloring a small part before you color the whole hair.

To bleach or not to bleach

If you want the result to be as close to the color of the jar (or the color samples) as possible, you should bleach your hair before you color it. Are you also looking for a very bright pastel color, you have to bleach the hair until it is almost white.

We recommend using bleach from Manic Panic, that is available in two different strengths, Vol.30 and vol.40. Instructions on how to use them comes with the kit.

After you have bleached your hair it’s very important that you wash out your hair thoroughly otherwise there is the risk that the hair color does not attach properly. Do not use regular shampoo or conditioner after you have bleached your hair, it makes the hair color disappear faster. However, you can use Pre Colour Shampoo from Directions that are made specifically to be used before you dye your hair.


Make sure your hair is completely dry before applying the hair color. Protect clothing and furnishings from any splash, gradients may leave permanent stains. To avoid having the color attached on the skin, you can lubricate the skin around the hairline with Vaseline or some other greasy cream, that will make the color easier to remove. If you still get spots on the skin, you can remove them with Manic Panic’s Hair Color Remover Wipes.

Apply the hair color

Begin to put on protective gloves, those are included in the Stargazers hair colors, and can be bought separate for the Manic Panic and Directions colors. When you apply the hair color it is best to divide the hair into sections, just to make sure you do not miss any part of the hair. Use a comb or a brush when you apply the hair color and closely work in hair color throughout your hair. The more you work with hair color, you will notice that it starts foaming, this is a good sign, it means that you worked in the hair color properly. When you are done, let the hair color sit for at least 15 minutes.

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During the action time

Depending on the results you’re after, you can let the color sit for different lengths of time. Our hair colors contains no direct damaging substances so you can leave it in for as long as you want, without damaging your hair.

The most common time is 30-60 minutes but there are those who sleeps with the color in during the night (there is a risk that you and the pillowcase has the same color as your hair in the morning). To help the paint to stick better, use a hair dryer during the active time. Supplying heat opens up the hair and makes it more acceptable to color. Use a plastic cap over your hair, it keeps the hair moist.

Skölja ur toningen

När toningen har verkat klart är det dags att skölja ur den, kallt vatten drar inte ur lika mycket färg som varmt vatten gör. Skölj tills det att vattnet är nästan helt klart och sedan kan du med fördel använda schampo, balsam och inpackning. Vi rekommenderar dock inte att använda mjällschampon eller andra starka schampon eftersom dessa drar ur väldigt mycket färg. Vill du ha ett resultat som varar längre rekommenderar vi att du använder Directions Colour Protecting Shampoo och Conditioner.

Hair coloring guide image 3

FAQ About Hair colors

How long does the hair color last?

Our hair colors are not permanent, but that does not mean that they disappear completely after a certain number of washes. Every time you wash your hair, the hair color will gradually disappear, how much is lost every time is very variable and depends among other things on the shampoo you use.

Do you, for example have blond hair and use a  red hair color,  your hair will in time probably go for the pink or orange shade. To completely remove the hair color you will probably need to bleach your hair again.

But to answer your question. A general estimate is that the color usually keep 6-8 washes before it starts to fade.

Should I use Manic Panic, Directions or stargazer?

Which brand that suits you and your hair type is something you have to test to find out. Start by selecting what shade you’re looking for. If you can’t find the shade you’re after, it is perfectly acceptable to mix the different colors with each other (as long as you stick to the same brand).

Can I use your hair colors if I want to dip dye?

Yes, there is no color that is designed specifically to dip dye, but you can use just any ordinary color, and then apply the color only of your tops, instead of the entire hair.

Can I use your gradients without bleaching my hair?

It all depends on what result you’re after and how dark your hair is natural. For example you can not get a dark brown hair light purple without bleach. The result will not be as the color tests unless you bleach your hair before.

Can I get a pastel color with your hair colors?

To get a pastel color result, you need to have near-white hair to begin with. We have a few colors that are ready-mixed pastel color. But you can make your own by using you Manic Panic’s Pastelizer and mix it with any of Manic Panic’s colors. The Pastelizer lights up the color and makes it into a pastel.

How much to use of the Pastelizer and the usual gradient to use depends on how bright you want the result to be. Mix the hair color in a plastic jar first until you get the desired shade, then apply it to the hair.

Does the hair colors destroy the hair a lot?

No, our hair colors are very gentle and contains, for example, no ammonia (like many other hair colors do). If you bleach your hair before you color it, the dye usually make the hair feel healthier afterwards.


We are not responsible for any color results. Hair types responds differently to the hair colors. We are not responsible for any stains on clothing or on objects. We urge you to be careful and protect everything you don’t want have discolored.

Good luck and have a happy hair dye day!

Please upload your results on Facebook or Instagram! Mark your picture with #shockstore. We would love to see how beautiful you look!

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