New Year

Here you can find the coolest, prettiest and most unique New Year’s Clothes! We obviously have a mix of the classic glitter, the cool rock and the romantic dreamy!

More is more!

We do not think you can just dress up a la New Year one day a year! More is more, and this style can and should be used as often as possible! We have not only collected awesome, stylish clothes, like dresses, skirts and jackets here. There is also lots of glitter for body and hair, extravagant eyelashes, towering shoes, sparkly chokers, bow ties and neckties and much, much more!

When you want to stand out

In this category you will find a wide selection of brands like Guy Star, Bettie Page, Black Moon Lilith and Burleska. These are just a few of the brands that manufacture awesome New Year’s clothes. We also have a great range of significantly smaller brands, for those who really want to stay unique!

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