Now it’s almost Halloween and everyone knows that it is best celebrated with a really scary costume! At Shock you will find everything you may need for the perhaps darkest weekend of the year! We offer a wide range of cool fancy costumes, scary masks, white makeup, black lipstick, corsets, tights, stay-ups, jewelry and spray paint in all colors!

Halloween clothes at good prices!

At Shock we think this is the best time of the year! For some, Halloween might be the only weekend to finally be their inner self! How would you like to dress up? Is it a scary witch, black raven, bloody surgeon, madman in straight jacket, mysterious nun or why not just paint yourself red with luminous face paint? Here you will find everything and more! Pick and choose from hundreds of products that will take your Halloween to the next level! You’ll also find costumes and fancy dresses for kids like a playful ghost outfit that is easy to move in.

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