In this category we have gathered all our Goth Clothes! Here you can find a lot of black and white clothes, coats and tights. We also collected a lot of gothic jewelry, such as chokers studded with diamonds and studded pentagram adorned bags.

Androgynous clothes style

This style usually symbolize different feelings and one of the most important parts of this style is to stand out and be unique. Another important part of the Goth style is that it is almost completely androgynous and unisex. Skirts and makeup are everyday clothes for a true Goth. At Shock we offer a wide range of Gothic clothing, where almost all the clothes are Unisex. In order to keep the garments as unique as possible we also just buy a few of each model. So when you see something you like make sure to get it before it’s gone!


The gothic culture originated from punk and came in the 70’s. The adherents to the gothic style is referred to as Goth.

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