Here you will find a large selection from our range of Emo clothes! In addition to clothing, we have a lot of accessories and shoes.

Emotional Hardcore

Emo, which stands for Emotional Hardcore, is a style that has its roots in rock and punk. The style came during the 80s and is easily recognized by its black clothes, torn pantyhose, worn sneakers and a lot of band prints! Apart from the fashion, the style is also recognized by its daring make up with a lot of black and white. The style usually stands out from the crowd when it comes to hairstyles and colors and also piercings! But everything is not black and white. You often find some type of bright splash of color. In the hair, on the tights, on the accessories or shoes.

Our assortment of Emo

In our range of Emo clothes you will find a lot of official band shirts, studs and leather, Palestinian scarves in different colors, handbags and backpacks, cut gloves, black chokers in different materials, pins and patches!

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