Burlesque, Burlesque or burlesco, known by different names! The variety entertainment comes from the 1800s and include some of the world’s most beautiful clothes and dances! At Shock we offer an affordable, beautiful and very useful assortment of Burlesque, both clothing and accessories.

Burlesque for women & men

In our assortment you will find beautiful dresses, both long and short, seductive tights, renaissance-inspired corsets, flirty eye lashes, lacy necklaces etc. There is also a lot of clothes for the gentlemen and outerwear!

Clothes for all sizes!

Our unique clothes could be worn at a big stage just as well as at home, at a party or a fancy masquerade! Many of the clothes are fitted with corset-ties, making them extremely advantageous to accentuate all lovely, feminine curves. Many of our new designs are very stretchy, making them comfortable to use for extended periods. Should you miss any size on a particular product, or any garment you wished for, please let us know and we will help you!

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