The 50’s were a nice and lovely time with a beautiful fashion that lives on with the Rockabilly style. Polka dot and floral dresses and skirts with a marked waist, accentuated by a belt or such are typical features of classic rockabilly clothing. A scarf on the head and a tight jacket is often seen as well.

1950s Fashion

Rockabilly was born in the 50’s along with Elvis among others. The style for women often consist of dresses, often worn with a knee-length skirt with volume underneath. Preferably together with pretty lace socks and silk scarves.

Women, Men & Kids

In our range of Rockabilly clothes you find lots of patterned dresses, loose tulle skirts that lift up the dresses perfectly, nice cardigans with embroidery and all kinds of accessories like spotted bandanas and bags with cute patterns. For gentlemen we have a lot of industrial trousers, retro jackets and braces. We also have a small range for children with cute flat caps etc. Some of the top brands in this category is: Voodoo Vixen, Hell Bunny and Pamela Mann.

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